Verdier Eye Center

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Case Study Verdier
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Industry: Medical
User: 70
Role: Practice Administrator

About the Client:
Since 1984, Verdier Eye Center has been a center of excellence for the diagnosis, treatment and surgery of eye disease. We specialize in anterior segment eye conditions (front layers of the eye), including cataracts, corneal disease and glaucoma. Our Doctors and staff have helped thousands of people enjoy better vision and eye health. Most of our patients are referred by other doctors for complex eye conditions requiring care by a specialist.
Verdier Eye Center is regarded as one of the leading eye care centers in the Midwest. Our mission is to provide specialized eye care of the highest quality. All of our surgeons are fellowship-trained and specialists in their scope of practice. This makes our practice unique and patients travel from many locations in and beyond Michigan to see our doctors.

Before Verdier Eye Center started working with Hungerford Technologies, Practice Administrator Lindsey told us that they dealt with many pain points including:

Lack of expertise available in our office systems
Unwilling to share information that may have led to better understanding
Long turn-around time for issues extending multiple days due to non-work-related reasons

Since they have been a client, she said that Hungerford Technologies was able to solve all these problems and more. She appreciates the reliable consistent communication from all organization levels. How we explain the concept scaled to each individual’s abilities, while still keeping it relevant. Lindsey also likes the suggestions about how to improve the network and keep it secure. She also stated that we are always flexible with her needs and requests.

Initially Verdier Eye Center was nervous about transitioning to a new IT company. They knew they were not getting the level of service they deserved or were paying for, but change is always difficult. Lindsey said,"Transitioning to a new company requires a lot of effort and trust from all parties involved. Hungerford Technologies from day one has demonstrated not only the technical expertise required for our office network and various software and hardware systems utilized, but also ensured that the process was smooth and enjoyable. Your flexibility with available options is unparalleled, their ideas are stellar, and their customer service is the best”.

She also had some awesome things to say about our staff.  Your technical expertise is unparalleled, and I have enjoyed working through all of the weird problems that we ran into over the year. Thank you for making IT issues and ideas fun instead of dreary."