Cris Sanchez

Cris Sanchez

Collaboration Engineer

Cris is an Administrator for HT. He’s our lead technical expert for Cisco Webex as well as our cloud hosted phone solutions. What you may not know is Cris serves the entire upper half of the United States from California across to Washington D.C. Cris spends a lot of time learning the technologies that our customers use every day so that he can better serve them. When he is not working on phone projects you will often find him off site working at client sites.


Denair, California

Favorite Movie?

My favorite movie is Step Brothers.

A little About your Family

Married to Kelly and welcomed Mia to the family in July. We also have 3 rescue dogs Buddy, Copper, and Ella.

Favorite Sport?

Baseball is by far the best sport. I also enjoy playing rec sports.

Favorite Beverage:

Old Fashion

Favorite Food?

I love anything grilled.

Last thing you googled?

I am sure it was something sports related.

Fun Facts?

I lived in California for 12 years and played baseball in college for Davenport University.

Best IT Advice?

Never Assume!