Huntress Managed Security Platform

Huntress delivers a powerful suite of managed endpoint protection, detection and response capabilities—backed by a team of 24/7 threat hunters—to help you fight back against today’s determined cybercriminals. To learn more about Huntress, visit their website →

Turn The Tables on Hackers

Built by offensive security experts.

The Huntress Managed Security Platform enables you to find and eliminate threats that lead to breaches, ransomware and more. They provide the technology, expertise and resources needed to stop advanced attacks and halt hackers in their tracks.

Huntress Managed IT Security West Michigan

Cut Down on Noise & Clutter

Huntress ThreatOps team manually reviews all suspicious activity and detections.

They remove false positives and eliminate the clutter found in other platforms. Huntress only sends an alert when a threat is verified or action is required—with clear distinctions between low- and high-priority items, simple execution of recommended automations and easy instructions for any manual work that’s needed.

Huntress Managed Security West Michigan

Built For the 99%

Built from the ground up to secure small and mid-market businesses.

Huntress delivers a unique combination of features, support and expertise that map directly to the cyber gaps found in today’s SMB—at a cost that makes sense and via a platform that anyone can use.

Huntress Cyber Security West Michigan

How Huntress Works

Huntress Security Detect


Find attackers who abuse legitimate Windows applications, bypass other security tools or are in the process of deploying malicious payloads.

Huntress Security Analyze


The threat hunters review suspicious activity and send you easy-to-understand reports that explain the scope and severity of every threat.

Huntress Security Respond


Isolate endpoints, remediate threats and kick attackers to the curb. With one click, you can execute a series of actions to harden your security.

Huntress Security Report


Track incidents, review investigations and generate reports to demonstrate the value you’re getting from the Huntress security platform.

Respond With Confidence. Hunt Hackers Down.

Discover the power of managed cybersecurity backed by 24/7 threat hunters.

The ThreatOps team is the backbone of the Huntress platform and can be your secret weapon in the fight against hackers. Along with 24/7 threat hunting, this team of experts looks into potential threats, analyzes hacker tradecraft, creates incident reports, helps remediate cyber threats and provides a degree of expertise and support that software-only solutions simply can’t match.

At the core of Huntress’ platform is our ability to identify malicious footholds. Huntress monitors for these footholds, and when found, delivers actionable recommendations and instructions for removal.

Evict hackers faster with near real-time endpoint detection and response. Process Insights provides unparalleled visibility and detection of threats within an organization. By monitoring for malicious processes— and combined with data from the rest of the Huntress platform— Process Insights builds a comprehensive view of cyber threats as they happen.

Huntress enables you to centrally manage Microsoft Defender Antivirus — a built-in and often underutilized Windows resource — to strengthen your endpoint protection and open up more resources to strengthen your security stack.

Ransomware Canaries enable faster and earlier detection of potential ransomware incidents. When deployed, small lightweight files are placed on all protected endpoints—and when tripped, our ThreatOps team will verify the threat and help you keep the infection from spreading.

External Recon gives you visibility into external attack surfaces by monitoring for potential exposures caused by open ports connected to remote desktop services, shadow IT and more.

Whether you’re looking for the latest threat intelligence, go-to-market strategy or custom-branded collateral, Partner Enablement puts the collective expertise of our Huntress team at your fingertips.


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