Cisco Umbrella DNS Filtering

What is Cisco Umbrella DNS Security?

DNS security is the protection you experience every day when using the internet, a mobile app, or any other online forum or website that connects to a domain. DNS layer security helps prevent everyday cyber attacks and keeps your accounts safe and secure. To learn more about the Cisco Umbrella Security, visit Cisco’s website →

Why Cisco Umbrella for DNS-Layer Security?

Here are three of the benefits you can enjoy by using Cisco Umbrella DNS-based security:

The Huntress Managed Security Platform enables you to find and eliminate threats that lead to breaches, ransomware and more. We provide the technology, expertise and resources needed to stop advanced attacks and halt hackers in their tracks.

  • The Ability to Block Threats Before They Reach You
  • The Ability to Leverage the Power of Machine Learning
  • The Ability to Power Up Your Incident Response and Investigations
DNS Filtering Cisco Umbrella

Are You Ready to Secure Your DNS-Layer Activity?

Watch our video to find out if the Cisco Umbrella Security Package is the right fit for your organization!

Cisco Partner & DNS Security Provider

Cisco Umbrella support and services for your business

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