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A significant number of small to medium-sized businesses depend heavily on Microsoft cloud security and software for their daily functions, yet a surprising amount lack the correct configuration of even basic security settings. Our aim is to bolster your organization’s security and streamline operational efficiency through the meticulous adoption of Microsoft’s top-tier practices, such as enhancing authentication measures, improving email security, streamlining access and sharing controls, empowering your employees and strengthening ongoing security efforts.

Enforce MFA

Microsoft Cloud Security Grand Rapids IT

Enhance account security by automatically requiring additional authentication factors.

U.S. Logins

Microsoft Cloud Security West Michigan IT

Prevent unauthorized access from foreign locations.

Block Legacy Authentications

Cloud Security West Michigan IT

Prevent outdated and potentially insecure authentication methods.

Block Persistent Login for Admins

Cloud Security IT Grand Rapids

Reduce risk of unauthorized access to admin accounts.

Safe Links & Safe Attachments

Managed IT Services West Michigan

Protect against harmful links and attachments.

Anti-Spam & Anti-Phishing Policies

Managed Service Provider Grand Rapids

Reduce spam, phishing and malware.

Automatic Email Encryption

Managed Service Provider West Michigan

Protect sensitive data like credit card numbers and SSNs by automatically encrypting them in emails.

Verify SPF, DKIM & DMARC Records

Cyber Security Grand Rapids

Enhance email authenticity and protect against spoofing and phishing attacks.

Disable Auto-Forward to External Accounts

Grand Rapids Tech Support

Prevent sensitive information from being inadvertently sent outside the organization.

Block External Calendar Sharing

West Michigan Tech Support

Protect private organizational information by preventing unauthorized calendar sharing.

Block External Guest Access

Tech Support Grand Rapids IT

Control access to company resources, limiting potential for unauthorized access or data leaks.

Mobile Application Management

IT Support Grand Rapids

Enhances mobile security by protecting company data on mobile devices.

Eliminate Password Expiration

IT Services Grand Rapids

Simplify account management while maintaining security.

Self-Service Password Reset

IT Services West Michigan

Empower users to manage their own account recovery, reducing downtime.

Audit Global Admin Accounts

Grand Rapids Managed Service Provider

Ensure admin account integrity and detect over-privilege.

Unified Audit Log

Grand Rapids Managed Services

Provide comprehensive activity logging for audit and investigative purposes.

Teach Email Encryption

Grand Rapids IT Solutions

Enhance security and compliance by teaching staff to encrypt sensitive emails.

Post-Implementation Review

IT Solutions Grand Rapids

Assure security enhancements are properly implemented and effective.

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