MC VanKampen Trucking

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Industry: Transportation
User: 35
Role: Office Manager
About the Client:
MC VanKampen Trucking has been serving the West Michigan market for over 40 years. They are family owned and has proven itself as a leader in transporting furniture, fresh and frozen foods for their customers. With a “best in class fleet” M.C. VanKampen has surpassed customer expectations for consistent on-time damage free delivery over the years. They own and operate a fleet of 135 "best in class" late model Kenworth and Peterbilt tractors, that have an average age of 2.5 years!
When we first started working with MC VanKampen they did not have an IT employee on staff. Their office manager Sharon did all of their IT work. As she explains, she was an office manager, not an IT professional, so to get through the day to day problems with the users was difficult.  She spent multiple hours a week helping users with IT needs and learning along the way. 
When they realized it was time to bring an outside source on they chose to be a Traditional Managed Services Client. This was a big upgrade, from their status quo. Sharon loved that she had someone she could call and that we were able to walk her though troubleshooting. However she still found that she was spending several hours a week dealing with the day to day problems of the users.
MC VanKampen realized that although it was great to be a managed services client, it still wasn’t freeing up enough of Sharon's time for office manager duties. This is when it clicked and they decided to go with the advisory platform.
Sharon now spends all of her time on managerial duties and zero on IT. She said" I put an email into Hungerford support and they can remote in to any users computer and fix any problem.  If they cannot fix it remotely, they have a tech on sight within a day to fix the problem. I don’t have to spend any time at an employee’s computer anymore.  If there is any questions by Hungerford, it is all done through email and I am free to do my own job."
As part of the Advisory service model Hungerford Technologies sends out a tech monthly to see if there are any projects that may need to be addressed and allows them to plan accordingly for future expenditures.  Sharon likes that we are able to take away any surprises and they always are prepared and know what to expect.
She also stated" Hungerford is always willing to help with any IT needs we may have and are very responsive to ideas we have as a company.  They work with us as a business relationship and direct us in the best interest of our company.  We have been partners with Hungerford for several years and would recommend them to anyone in need of an outside IT source."
We love partnering with companies like MC VanKamen who get it. They understand that their employees time is valuable and best spent doing their job. They appreciate having a business relationship with us and don't look