What To Do When You Can’t Connect To a Webex Meeting

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What To Do When You Can’t Connect To a Webex Meeting

Remote work has its perks. But fighting with your WiFi router is definitely not one of them. Find out what you can do when you can’t connect to a Webex meeting.

Can’t Connect To a Webex Meeting? Try These.

Try a wired connection.

Ethernet isn’t dead! If you have the ability to plug in, that is the quickest way to get a fast connection. If you don’t have access to a desktop computer, check to see if your laptop has an ethernet port. Ethernet cords can be as cheap as $5. If you’re constantly fighting with connectivity issues and asking your coworkers “can you still hear me?” it may be worth the investment.

Get off the guest WiFi.

Are you still using the guest WiFi? It might be time to finally ask your cubicle-neighbor for the WiFi password, because guest WiFi is way too crowded. The more people using a connection, the slower it gets.

That goes for public WiFi connections, too. If you’re in a Starbucks, it might be time to get your latte to go. Private WiFi usually runs faster.

Set up a mobile hotspot.

The meeting starts in five minutes and you’re about to make a scene. It’s time to use your phone’s data connection—even a hotspot can outperform overloaded guest WiFi connections. If you connect your laptop to the hotspot, you can still use your fancy webcam and type notes on a full keyboard. Plus, you won’t have to hold your phone in front of your face the entire time.

To set up a hotspot, navigate to settings on your phone, then click network or internet, then select hotspot and follow the prompts on screen.

Get the mobile app.

If all else fails, joining through a mobile app may be your saving grace. Most web meeting providers offer a mobile app that has similar features to the PC version. For example, just search “Webex” in the app store.

If your WiFi tends to go on the fritz or you’re a chronic Starbucks-goer, it may be a good idea to download the app ahead of time when you have good WiFi connection. Then you’ll be prepared for the worst when bad WiFi strikes.

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