Tips for a Smooth Virtual Conference Call

Tips For Smooth Virtual Conference Call West Michigan Managed Service Provider

Tips for a Smooth Virtual Conference Call

With the pandemic making remote work mandatory for a lot of people, regular meetings have been replaced by virtual conference calls. But, it’s not just the pandemic. Virtual meetings are becoming more and more commonplace as a way to connect teams and facilitate collaboration between team members who might be states or even oceans apart. Continue reading for a our tips on a smooth virtual conference call.

No matter how many online meetings you’ve had and how accustomed you’ve got with the technology, there always seems to be a new problem that you need to deal with.

So, here are some tips for a smooth virtual conference call without hiccups:

1.) Amplify Your Signal

Don’t you just hate it when you are in the middle of a conference call and the connection keeps getting interrupted? If you are using a WiFi connection, then you should consider using the internet cable directly to amplify your signal.

If that’s not possible, check if you are the only one using the wi-fi or if there are others connected. In case other people are using the WiFi, you could ask them if they can allow you a bit of time to finish the conference. The more there are, the slower the connection.

2.) Use Visual Things like Diagrams

This may sound familiar: You are presenting your plan to the entire team or are very involved in an argument and your team has a puzzled look on their face because your audio was interrupted for some time. Or, one of your managers is discussing the new project, but the connection keeps getting interrupted and you can’t follow.

Either it’s you or one of your colleagues who has a problem, diagrams or drawings that briefly explain that you have a problem can be a big help.

3.) Use the Right Software

There are various platforms out there that you can use, so make sure to find one that can help meet your needs best. A video conferencing software like Webex by Cisco, for example, offers secured and integrated audio and video from any device.

4.) It’s Not All About the Technology

Here are a few more tips that can make any virtual meeting a success:

  • Avoid distracting decorations;
  • Dress for success;
  • Make it easy for everyone on your team to join the meeting;
  • Encourage others to communicate and find ways to get and keep their attention;
  • Be organized

Webex Help by Hungerford Technologies

Even though it’s a challenge to get everyone’s attention on a video conference, remember that they are prone to having the same signal problems as you. Be understanding with everyone and be prepared for any unexpected situations.

If your company is new to video conferencing and needs help implementing this technology, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Hungerford Technologies. Contact us here or call our support team at (616) 949-4020 to discover how we can help.

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