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Whether you're running a business meeting, training experience, presenting at an event, or remote support, it's the same underlying software: virtual meetings with audio, video and screen sharing. Some are subtle, some are social, others are technical, but they make a big difference in the virtual meeting experience.

Cisco Webex West Michigan


Conference Room

Open collaboration like you are in the same room.

Capacity:  Up to 1,000
Audio:  VoIP & PSTN
Everyone expects to hear and be heard
Everyone can share their screen or mute others without special permissions
Personal Meeting Rooms
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Training is highly interactive like a classroom.

Capacity:  Up to 1,000
Audio:  VoIP & PSTN
Split into breakout sessions for group work
Trainer is alerted with students are paying attention
Discreet feedback like "please talk louder" or "slow down"
Testing, instant grading and instructor scoring
Webex Grand Rapids



Presentations in front of large audience.

Capacity:  Up to 3,000
Audio:  VoIP, PSTN & Audio Broadcast
Lead source tracking and enrollment scores
Moderated Q&A
Attendee Analytics
Post-event surveys
Practice sessions
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Remote Support Desk

Personalized customer service through the internet.

Capacity:  Up to 8 concurrent sessions
Audio:  VoIP & PSTN
Streamlined for remote control access
Doesn't lock out when UAC is tripped
Power cycle without losing the session

Which Webex Solution is Right For Me?

Webex Meetings

Video conferencing on any device bringing people together like they’re sitting down face-to-face.

Webex Calling

Secure, easy-to-manage cloud calling that’s simple to set up and goes with you on the road too.

Webex Teams

Collaboration happens all in one place – driven by file & screen sharing, video meetings, whiteboarding and messaging.

Webex Devices

Conference equipment that brings high-quality video, whiteboarding, and AI to your collaboration rooms.


Cisco Webex Solutions Provider

Webex products are a powerful set of applications that helps your team stay connected and collaborate like never before. No matter what product you choose, it's the same underlying software: virtual meetings with audio, video and screen sharing capabilities. Hungerford Technologies provides Cisco Webex integration for businesses throughout the United States. Get in touch with our IT company at (616) 949-4020 to start making a difference in your virtual meeting experience.