Top VoIP Phone System Features

Top VoIP Phone System Features West Michigan IT Support

Top VoIP Phone System Features

Communications for both businesses and individuals have come a long way through the years, but it seems this tends to apply to digital communication. When talking about the phone systems, things have remained pretty much the same, as businesses big and small still rely on traditional telephone companies for this need. However, a VoIP system could change that, and bring some pretty compelling perks into your business. Let’s unpack some of the top VoIP phone system features, and see if it might be beneficial for your business:

1.) Device Management Centralization

Say goodbye to extensions or huge administrative needs with a VoIP phone system. These solutions come with a centralized administrative portal where managers can easily add, remove, and set up phones depending on their preferences and needs.

2.) Built-in Voice Continuity Solution

If your business depends on its telephone lines to function, then it’s really important to make sure the line doesn’t drop all of the sudden. VoIP depends on the internet to function, which means that if the internet line drops, the phone drops too. However, many of these solutions come with built-in voice continuity solutions to make sure this doesn’t actually happen.

3.) Mobile App Integration Features

A VoIP system can be integrated with mobile apps and allow your employee to work remotely. They can still make and receive calls and represent your business even if they are not in the office. Additionally, these apps will allow them to have the same phone functionalities as the regular phones, such as split calls, transferring, call hold, etc.

4.) Voicemail Transcription

A compelling feature of a VoIP system is its ability to transcribe voicemails and even email them to another coworker or relevant party when needed. This cuts down on the workload of actually listening to these voicemails, and makes it easier to share this information throughout the company.

5.) Call Recording

If you need to record or monitor call activity, doing this on a VoIP phone system is not a problem. The system can keep track of all call logs, and even record the phone calls if you have a new employee in their training phase, and need to check in on their performance.

It’s also useful for conference calls or calls with potential clients or partners since the call can be consulted later on to check up on the details. This means you’re not 100% dependent on the quality of the notes you take during the call anymore.

VoIP Phone Systems by Hungerford

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