Does a VoIP Phone System Make Sense for Your Business?

Does a VoIP Phone System Make Sense For Your Business West Michigan IT Support

Does a VoIP Phone System Make Sense for Your Business?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an internet-based phone service. Instead of transmitting voice through traditional phone lines, the conversations are routed through the internet. And for certain companies, they can actually make a lot of sense – especially for small businesses. Does a VoIP phone system make sense for your business?

What Are the Benefits of a VoIP Phone System?

In a VoIP phone system, a computer software records the voice and codes it into a digital signal which is then sent over the internet instantaneously, allowing users to have a conversation in real-time, just as they would over a regular phone line. And there are some impressive benefits of using a VoIP as well:

VoIP Features:

  • Better sound quality, sometimes even better than landline networks;
  • Less equipment needed for set-up, especially if you choose a cloud-based solution where you don’t need to hire IT staff for installation or maintenance;
  • Easy to use, and reduced chances of the network being down;
  • Easily scalable, allowing companies to quickly add new lines if they grow their business and hire more people;
  • It’s especially great for remote connectivity, allowing all employees to connect to the line regardless of where they work from;
  • Costs are easier to control, as most VoIP providers charge a monthly fee, rather than charging for the number of minutes everyone in the company uses in a month;
  • Comes with all traditional features like transferring or call forwarding, coupled with additional benefits like instant call recording, and even integration with other business tools, video integration, and more.

Weighing Your Options

From the cost perspective and possibility of remote connectivity, VoIP is a good choice for smaller businesses who would not totally benefit from a landline or mobile phone service for the entire company.

However, you do need to take into account the quality of your network, such as whether you have enough upload bandwidth to support the number of calls your business needs to make at the same time.

Additionally, your bandwidth needs to also support the other traffic on the network at the same time as you make the phone calls. If you don’t have enough upload bandwidth to support all these requirements, then you might need to make certain system updates before you opt for VoIP.

But if bandwidth is not a problem, this phone solution can prove quite beneficial to your business, as it empowers you to make a lot of processes more effective.

VoIP Phone Systems by Hungerford

If you need a good strategy to leverage your new consumer calling-power, our VoIP phone system solutions will help improve the way your team collaborates. Get in touch with our tech support at (616) 949-4020 or contact us here.

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