How Can Managed Service Providers Use AI Chatbot Technology?

How Can Managed Service Providers Use AI Chatbot Technology West Michigan IT Support

How Can Managed Service Providers Use AI Chatbot Technology?

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular among all companies regardless of size. As instant messaging has become more prevalent in our society, so has the way people wish to communicate with businesses.

While chatbots can respond to more customers and sometimes offer better solutions to customers’ answers, some of these chatbots simply redirect you to an FAQ page or can only answer questions based on a few keyword options. Many times, they will tell you to call a number or send an email, which almost defeats the purpose of implementing a chatbot in the first place.

Aiming to solve those impersonalized experiences, several artificial intelligence chatbots that use natural language processing have been developed to understand written language to generate answers to questions and requests.

What makes these chatbots different from other automated chat-based functions you may have encountered online is their ability to produce highly readable and coherent content in any style, as if you are receiving an answer from another human being.

You can tell them to write a blog post, a commercial script, a poem, a song, a letter, a Facebook ad or another style of written content about any subject.

ChatSonic is one of the newest AI chatbots, launching in December 2022, but some alternatives include ChatGPT, Replika and Bloom.

How Do AI Chatbots Work?

AI chatbots are trained on data (books, articles, websites and more) written by humans on the internet, including conversations, which gives them a human-like feel.

For example, you can ask them to write a blog post about Windows 11 or write a resignation letter to your boss. You can see the results from ChatGPT below.

AI Chatbot Technology West Michigan Managed Service Provider

In the Windows 11 example, the text isn’t a regurgitation of an article found on the internet. In fact, a Google search for any sentence from the text does not match anything on the internet as of this writing.

But caution should be exercised to avoid plagiarizing auto-generated content. These chatbots should be used as idea-generation tools rather than as replacements for writing.

Is the Information Generated by Chatbots Always Correct?

The short answer is it depends.

In the Windows 11 example, there is nothing incorrect about the content produced. However, the developers of ChatGPT stated the chatbot hasn’t been trained on data past 2021, so it won’t have knowledge of current events or new information. ChatGPT also isn’t connected to the internet, so its database must be updated manually by the developers.

It also cannot fact-check what it is producing, so there are times it may generate incorrect, harmful or biased responses. The generated responses are based on its knowledge and logic.

ChatGPT will offer more generalized answers, even if you ask specific questions, as it has not been taught anything related to you or your situation.

ChatSonic, however, is integrated with Google search, so you can get updated information on any topic, including the score from last night’s game.

Regardless of internet connectivity, all AI writing tools are prone to mistakes, and any content generated should be fact-checked and may require additional editing.

How Would Hungerford Technologies Utilize This Technology?

Using a chatbot, a customer could get information based on an issue they are having when submitting a ticket. For example, here are steps they could take if they are unable to connect to the internet.

AI Chatbot Technology Grand Rapids Managed Service Provider

If the issue cannot be solved with the generated response, then a technician could step in to offer more solutions. Not only would this implementation help customers get solutions to their questions quicker, but it would free up technicians to handle more urgent or higher-value matters.

Again, this is very generalized information and may not offer any assistance in a real-world setting. More specific issues most likely will have to be handled by a technician, but it provides common solutions in case the problem can be fixed without the assistance of a technician. There also is a possibility AI writing tools could give out incorrect information, which could lead to lawsuits against companies that employ this technology.

Artificial intelligence software is going to have limitations and may never be able to completely recreate the human experience, but the more personalized experience could change the way customers interact with businesses.

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