Business Benefits of Video Conferencing Tools

Business Benefits of Video Conferencing Tools West Michigan IT Support

Business Benefits of Video Conferencing Tools

Video conferencing is no longer a premium option reserved for select organizations; it’s now a business standard. Team members, clients, prospects and job applicants don’t just expect you to be able to use video conferencing; they expect you to be comfortable with it and for it to be easy. Not having video conferencing tools is almost as behind-the-times as not having a company email.

To get the most out of these capabilities and remain competitive in an increasingly mobile business landscape, organizations of all sizes need video conferencing tools that not only bridge physical gaps, but also address custom business needs while improving work flexibility and efficiency.

Reasons to Adopt Video Conferencing Tools

In-person communication will always have a place in business – nothing can replace a handshake. However, video conferencing tools make the time between handshakes more valuable.

While phone calls are often better than an instant message or email, the inefficiency of missing non-verbal cues in your meeting is significant. You wouldn’t sit through all your meetings with your eyes closed. Imagine what you would lose if you did.

How many audio-only meetings have you been on where you find yourself wondering if the other side really understands what you mean? Are they muting themselves because it’s polite or are they just checking their email?

Video gives you the non-verbal cues you need to eliminate these concerns. If they aren’t listening… you know it. If they aren’t understanding… you see it. When two people try to talk at the same time, it’s easy to break free from the awkward “you go first” stand-off because you see the non-verbal cues that indicate when someone is getting ready to speak just like a face-to-face meeting.

Even better – screensharing. Video conferencing isn’t just seeing people, it’s also seeing content. Video conferencing far surpasses a phone call when it comes to screen sharing. With video calls, you can be sure everyone is on the same page all the time. Reading graphs, reviewing files, presenting a budget plan and more are all streamlined and transparent over a video call with screen sharing. Additionally, with video conferencing:

  • Employees working remotely can join all meetings and feel more productive when connected through video.
  • Employees in different office locations can interact seamlessly.
  • Client communication remains easy and thorough, even when not in-person.
  • Candidate interviews – particularly early in the process – accommodate scheduling or location challenges without sacrificing the face-to-face element.
  • Inclement weather, traffic jams and distance don’t interfere with scheduled meetings.

The Benefits of Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex offers features that extend beyond standard video conferencing. Webex offers services for:

  • Meetings: Webex can mimic a conference room, complete with video, screen sharing and more.
  • Training/learning: Webex offers conferencing tools specific to classrooms for e-learning and corporate training. It can track participant attention, create breakout sessions, provide smart on-the-spot feedback (i.e., “please slow down”), and facilitate testing and scoring.
  • Events: Webex for events creates a virtual auditorium. It can facilitate events like webinars and company town halls and includes capabilities that enable Q&As, lead source tracking and enrollment scoring, attendee analytics, practice sessions and post-event surveys.
  • Customer and employee IT support: Your IT team can remotely assist your employees and customers through video conferencing tools that can share screens and let IT teams request control of the caller’s computer.

Free End-User Training and US-based Support

It’s all too common for businesses to jump into video conferencing and find themselves in over their heads. Don’t get caught paying for something you don’t use.

Cisco Webex offers powerful calling and collaboration capabilities via secure, cloud-based software. Hungerford Tech specializes in configuring and managing Webex to meet individual client needs, and we ensure seamless adoption through free end-user training and U.S.-based support.

Working with an experienced managed service provider like Hungerford Tech can help businesses deploy this video conferencing tool quickly and efficiently and get the most out of its advanced capabilities.

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