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Episode 16

How to use Polls in Webex Meetings

You can use a poll to create and share questionnaires. Polls can be useful for gathering feedback, taking votes, or testing knowledge.

Episode 15

Breakout Sessions in Webex Meetings

You can use breakout sessions in meetings to place your participants into smaller groups where they can collaborate and share ideas.

Episode 14

The New Webex Assistant for Webex Meetings

An intelligent, interactive virtual meeting assistant that makes meetings searchable, actionable, and more productive. We'll introduce you to this new AI-driven tool and demonstrate some of its capabilities.

Episode 13

New Look and Feel of Webex

In this episode we will go over the latest update of Webex Meetings and discuss the new look and feel.

Episode 12

Choosing the Best Video Conferencing Equipment

Today we are continuing our series "How to get the most out of WebEx" and we will be talking about video conferencing hardware.

Episode 11

Getting the Most out of Webex Teams

This week we are continuing to dive into our series on how to get more out of your Webex Meetings experience. In today's episode will cover all things Webex Teams.

Episode 10

Choosing the Right Webex Plan

This week we are diving into a new series of Webex Wednesday. This new series will cover how to get more out of your Webex Meetings experience. Today’s episode will cover how to choose the correct Webex plan for your organization.

Episode 9

Running Your Virtual Event in Webex Events & Training

Many organizations are currently transitioning their previously physical events into virtual events. That's why this week on Webex Wednesday, our team will take you through the process of running your virtual event in both Webex Events and Training.

Episode 8

Pre-Event Set Up for Your Virtual Event

So you've decided to have a virtual event, now what? Do you need practice sessions? Do you need more control over attendees? Do you want breakout sessions? Do you want to include registration? Our team will answer these questions and more!

Episode 7

Recreating a Physical Event in a Virtual Platform

Many organizations are currently grappling with the need to transition previously physical events into virtual events. This week our team will be covering the things you must consider when hosting a physical event virtually.

Episode 6

Control Hub Admin Basic License Management

IT staff must manage their users and services, provision devices, and configure security and compliance policies to keep data safe and meet regulatory needs. Today, our team will cover control hub admin basic license management.

Episode 5

Troubleshooting “Bad" Audio

With a large majority of companies still working from home, it’s likely that you have run into some audio issues during a video conference. This week, the team will educate you on the best tips and tricks to use when troubleshooting “bad” audio.

Episode 4

Advanced Screen Sharing: Part 2

Last week, we introduced the topic of Advanced Screen Sharing. Today, we will be continuing the discussion and diving deep into remote control, annotation, and white-boarding.

Episode 3

Advanced Screen Sharing: Part 1

Last week we discussed personal settings and preferences available to meeting hosts. In this week's episode, we begin our discussion on advanced screen sharing tips.

Episode 2

Personalize your Webex Settings

In the second episode of our series, we continue the theme of "Webex 101." Ben rejoins Kim and Greg as they discuss personal settings and preferences available to Webex hosts.

Episode 1

Webex 101 Tips

Join us for our inaugural episode! Today, we will be introducing the concept of this series and we will be joined by Ben Myslenski - Account Executive and resident Webex guru.

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