SLA Ticketing Expectations

How to Communicate Critical Requests to Our Team

If you feel like we aren’t responding quickly enough, tell us. Say it loud and often. We want you to be happy. We do our best to gauge urgency and match our responsiveness accordingly, but sometimes we get it wrong. Help us understand the urgency of your request and if the urgency changes, let us know that too. We try to respond to every request as quickly as possible – most issues are resolved within 48 hours.



Core business function is down and impacting many users. Suspected security breach.This is the most common type of issue. You need help but it's not an emergency.
Call us at (616) 949-4020 Email us at
We drop everything and continue working until resolved.We work the issue within our normal business hours.

Tech Support Operating Hours

Normal business hours are 8am-5pm. After hours are 11pm-6am.

UrgencyAfter HoursBusiness HoursWhat Should You Do?
Non-EmergencyWe respond during normal business hoursFull team ready to take emailsEmail support at
EmergencyVoicemail – 1 hour callbackFull team ready to take live callsCall support at (616) 949-4020
 5pm - 11pm & 6 - 8am8am - 5pm