Backup is essential to any business, however backup is only a means to recovery. There are two primary questions we ask when aligning the proper backup and recovery option for a particular client since no two clients are alike. The first is what is their RTO (recovery time objective). Meaning, how quickly do they need their data back. Within minutes, hours, days etc...Second would be their RPO (recovery period objective). This is more aligned with how far back in time do you need to recover your data from. Again, is it the last weeks' worth, months' worth or even year(s) worth.

Backup and recovery gets even more granular as it encompasses whether or not a client would like flat files backed up and recovered, databases, full server snapshots all the way down to individual emails. Lastly, when we discuss cloud backup, how important is it to the client to have a private cloud or public cloud? We offer both solutions where we have our own data center where our clients encrypted data resides on our hardware as well as where our clients encrypted data would reside outside of the state in one of our partners data centers.

With either scenario they have similar key features and benefits but a proper discussion surrounding your business needs as it relates to cloud backup and recovery would be the best first step.

What to Expect

The MiVault service platform insures our clients get consistent, secure and successful backups on a daily basis. With MiVault’s agentless technology, our customers don’t have to be burdened with the cost of licenses, hardware or software to fulfill their backup and recovery needs.

The service is completely monitored and managed by Hungerford Technologies experienced staff.
Our clients don’t have to worry about reviewing logs, swapping out tapes or performing random restores to make sure the data they are backing up is actually there.

According to experts, tape backup solutions fail 85% of the time. Other “cloud based backup”
solutions are limited in functionality and reliability, not to mention clients don’t know where their data resides. Backup is only a means to recovery. How confident are you that your data can be restored in a timely manner?

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Agentless Technology
  • Extensive OS & Database Support
  • Block Level Backup
  • Strong Compliance Safeguards
  • Fully Managed & Supported
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • De-Duplication & Encryption
  • Fast & Reliable Recovery
  • Secure & Redundant Offsite Location
  • Continuous Data Protection

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