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Meet Ben!

Ben is passionate about helping people identify roadblocks that are keeping them from achieving their best outcome. This passion guides Ben as he works with his prospects and clients as an Account Manager here at Hungerford Technologies. Though he swears he is an introvert, Ben enjoys forming meaningful connections with others. He is an active member of the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce Sales Roundtable.


From Zeeland, MI. Currently live in Grand Rapids.

Favorite Book, Game & Movie

Book: Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury, Game: Civilization or Sim City, Movie: Face Off or the Family Man. Nicholas Cage is my hero.

A little About your Family

Married to Andi since 2006. We have two kids, Stefan is 15 and Miracle is 13. We recently bought Stefan his first car, a 2004 Honda Accord with 220,000 miles on it!

What was your most unusual job before you started with HT?

In college I worked at Chuck E. Cheese. I did every job EXCEPT for putting on the Chuck E. costume. I was too tall and my feet were too big. But I was his bouncer! I may have been too tall to be Chuck E., but somehow, I managed to get inside and clean the sky tubes that ran along the ceiling. I also cleaned the outside of them and about gave my manager a heart attack when I accidently kicked the ladder over and had to drop down to the ground from 25+ feet up.

Favorite Beverage

Summer: Founders Rubaeus, Shorts Local’s Light, Fall/Winter: Perrin Black or Gold

Favorite Food

Sushi... and Oreos. Just not together.

Favorite Sport or Outdoor Activity

Kayaking & cycling. During the summer months I spend as much time as possible outside on my bike or in my kayak.

Fun Facts

Before jumping into the technology world, my career was in the nonprofit sector, and mostly in Oregon. I enjoy going back as often as I’m able to spend time with old friends and (of course) visit the Oregon Coast.

Last Thing You Googled?

Most of my time on Google is spent researching my prospects and clients. I enjoy reading news articles about them and learning more about their background.

Best IT Advice

When you find yourself at the computer doing the most mundane and time consuming tasks, consider reaching out to Hungerford Tech. We can more than likely help you think of a solution to automate these tasks and give you back more time in your day. There are no dumb questions or ideas – if you can think it, we can probably make it happen.


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