Meet the Team Monday

Meet Matt S! He is one of our Engineers at HT! He does it all, email migrations, rebuilding data rooms, restructuring networks, along with many other projects.  Matt is a go-to team player who is always willing to use his knowledge and expertise to help his colleagues and clients.



Sterling Heights, MI


Favorite Game:

Ticket to Ride


Tell us a little about your family.

Married, almost 18 years to my wife Angie 🙂 5 Kids – RJ, Emily, Megan, Audrey, Lauren & 1 due in Oct. We have 3 pets, Lucky (dog), Dash (cat) & Mira (bearded dragon).

As for Siblings, I am the oldest, youngest, only child, but 1 of 7.


Most Unusual Job:

Closest thing to an unusual job, was a street sweeper. I have been blessed with many opportunities, including running: Taco Bells (with KFC & Pizza Huts), Arbys, Papa Johns & Valvoline Instant Oil Changes. I have also worked as a roofer/framer, semi-truck loader, door-to-door sales (Key card books) & and site support tech prior to working as an MSP.


Favorite Beverage?

Faygo Rock & Rye


Favorite Food?

Homemade pizza


Favorite Sport or Outdoor Activity?

Dodge ball

Last thing you googled?

Information about Meraki Training


Best IT Advice?

Google = Web MD….you can search all day long, but be-careful on what you click on….. or you will find that every solution could be the cure for what ails your tech!


Additional Hobbies or Fun Facts.

Enjoy hanging with family!