Meet The Team Monday

Meet Ethan! He is a part of our Support Desk Team.  He is one of the first voices you will hear when calling in for support.  Along with the support desk team, he helps to troubleshoot and resolve client issues: including network problems, user profile issues and broken printers. He also helps to setup new hardware and work with the Engineer Techs to schedule on-site work. His current on-going task is to set up simulated phishing campaigns for specific clients to train user’s on email security.  He likes that his tasks change every day which keeps his job exciting.



Spring Lake, MI



Book-The Nightingale

Movie- Good Will Hunting

Game- Skyrim


About Your Family?

Older brother and younger sister

Fiancee: Kelsey

Two Cats: Wendy and Isaac

Two Chinchillas: Guin and Moe


Favorite Beer?

Short’s Soft Parade


Favorite Quote?

“Today is a good day to have a good day.”


Last thing you Googled?

CompTIA A+ certification information


Favorite Sport or Outdoor Activity?

To Watch: Football

To Play: Basketball

Outdoor Activity: Hiking


Fun Fact?

I enjoy camping and hiking in my free time. My long-term goal is to open an animal rescue with my Fiancee!


Best IT Advice?

Don’t hit postpone on updates for Microsoft windows or any software, a lot of the times the problem you’re having can be fixed with the update.


What areas of IT interest you most?

Networking and Scripting interest me in terms of the IT field. The internet connects everything and being able to utilize and fix it is such an important skill. Scripting is also interesting because it allows you to automate tasks and make the computers we use smarter. I would love to specialize in process scripting or get into network design/maintenance