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The HT Difference


It’s one of those clever-sounding taglines all Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have. That used to be OUR tagline. For years, we thought it was clever – even when we saw other MSPs with pretty much the same message. It implies that you are getting a best-in-class, pro-active, fully-engaged “IT-as-a-solution” service partnership.

Let’s be honest – most of the time it simply isn’t true.

Why? No MSP can really know you, your IT environment, and your business unless they engage with you at true partnership level. That requires more than just the occasional onsite visit, some fancy IT remote management tools, and a quarterly meeting where they tell you “we’re being proactive!” by showing you hard drive usage, patch statistics, and the memory utilization of your desktops.

To get a true IT business partnership, you need an MSP that has aligned its service delivery model with your best interests.

What does that mean? It means not charging you per device, per ticket, or for every minute we spend fixing something. After all, is it really in your best interest to pay every time something breaks? The truth of our industry is that in the traditional Time and Materials model, MSPs make money when they come fix more of your stuff.

Hardware breaks. Viruses happen. Software bugs out. It happens. It already effects your productivity, and under the T&M model – you’ve also got to pay someone to fix it.

You need your stuff working so you can do your job, so wouldn’t you rather strive to keep things from breaking in the first place? Isn’t that the goal of your IT?

Wouldn’t you rather choose to focus on your technology future, and pay a fair, predictable price?

We think so, that’s why we’re changing how we want to deliver service.

What’s really the best way to work with your IT?

That all starts with what you expect your IT to do for you:

  1. Fix tech things
  2. Install & upgrade tech things
  3. Administer and manage your tech systems
  4. Help advise your leaders to plan, budget, and make the right tech decisions for your business

That is the goal of our new service delivery model – to provide everything you expect and more without wildly varying, unpredictable costs.

That’s why we bundle in the services and support systems necessary to truly serve your IT needs, not charge you for them Aà la carte or try and upsell things you don’t need. We engage our partners at this “next level” of IT support – our processes, services, and methodology invest in your users so that your IT operations are as smooth and easy-sailing as possible.

IT service should be focused on delivering and maintaining a positive user experience:

  • We don’t charge for support.
  • Monitoring tools are still used, but they are just part of how we focus on reducing the support issues.
  • The network admin visits ensure standards are implemented and feedback is gathered from your users.
  • Our advisory team meets with you regularly to discuss long and short term technology budget and strategy.
  • We put all our focus on making your IT environment run smoothly and efficiently, with the goal of avoiding and eliminating repetitive issues as quickly as possible.
  • Per-user flat rate helps you easily budget for your IT needs without surprises.

We put the time in to help you align your business to standards based, best-in-class products, services, and processes. Why? The more time we spend fixing broken stuff, the higher our cost.

Our interested are aligned with your interests.

Now let’s be clear – even under our platform, you will sometimes have stuff break. When it does, we want to make the process as painless and worry free and possible. That means we do what it takes to make it right, without watching the clock and without you getting a higher bill at the end of the month for all of that work.

We don’t think it’s revolutionary – this is the way our industry is going. We’ve made the decision to engage in this process all-in, top to bottom because it’s the right thing to do.

We admit – this approach doesn’t fit every company, and we’re happy to help anyone with their IT needs.

Some business may still prefer the T&M model, or to simply purchase managed services Aà la carte – that is what you’re comfortable with.

If we can’t help you meet your IT objectives, there are other MSPs in the area who can. If you choose to work with us, we want to be up front about what we offer, why we do this the way we do, and what you can expect from us.

Check out the content here on our website, we try and answer all your questions about providing the HT Advisory & Support Service.  We think we can convince you why it makes sense to have Hungerford Technologies be your IT partner –

Aligning business, technology, and advisory services to do IT better.