Our Services - Hungerford Technologies


Network Admin

This is the first key ingredient in the secret sauce. What makes our fully-engaged partners so successful? Our Net Admins are a big part of that process. Being truly proactive means regularly scheduled, standards-based review of your business. Ask your current IT to show you the process and documentation for ensuring your environment meets standards. Then let us.

We identify risks and help align your business with standards developed from the collective knowledge of our entire team. Standards change,  your environment changes, this is not a once and done review. We have hundreds of standards that get reviewed, and the list keeps changing and growing; keeping the professional management of your environment active. Pro-active!

Advisory Services

The second ingredient in that secret recipe. Many call it vCIO – but we don’t think that fully encompasses what our Advisors provide you: a partner and Advisor. Strategy, budget, planning… but more than just the recommendations and raw numbers; you get a partner truly interested in understanding your business. Let us help you get the technology you need to grow your business, we’ll help you navigate a technology future that isn’t always crystal clear.

Support – Remote & Onsite

This includes both remote and onsite support. To you, this support is unlimited and is the clearest example of how we’re truly aligned with your best interests. We focus on being proactive to avoid issues because the more time we spend fixing issues, the more it costs us. If you’re not working with Hungerford Technologies and paying for a Managed Service that charges time and materials for support, ask yourself if your IT company is truly motivated to avoid issues.

Phishing Training & Testing

Even with a good firewall, antivirus, anti-spam, and a team of dedicated IT professionals – the biggest risk to infecting your business with a virus is your own users. One of the easiest ways your systems can be compromised is with a phishing email. It looks legitimate at first glance, you click the wrong link and bam! Now the network is infected, you’ve got a virus holding your data ransom, IT is calling you frantically, and your boss is angry… not a good day for anyone. The solution? Educate and test yourself! Our training and testing program will teach you how to identify phishing emails, test you with safe phishing simulations, and help keep your staff vigilant and safe.

Cyber-Vulnerability Testing

Defined, a vulnerability assessment is “the process of identifying and quantifying security vulnerabilities in an environment.”  What does that really mean? It means we have white-hat hackers who dedicate themselves to finding the holes in your cyber-security and poking them, seeing what we can get access to, documenting everything, and providing you with recommendations on what to clean up and fix to close those holes.  Will this guarantee against a hacker getting in? No! If someone really wants to get in, they will find a way. However, nearly every business we assess is doing the equivalent of leaving multiple windows open in a high crime neighborhood. We help identify the open windows and shut them.

VoIP – Hosted Busines Phones

It’s phone service – for the digital age. Cloud-hosted, fully featured, and with the convenience and support only your local, trusted IT partner can deliver. You need phones that just work, sound great, have all the features you’re looking for; without paying an arm and a leg, and without having to be routed through 17 different support centers and being stuck on hold for hours.

Pro-Care Device Monitoring & Management

Are we going to know when something breaks before you? Unlikely. However, monitoring of servers, workstations, and other related technology provides data to better advise and support the business. These systems also facilitate the management of key Microsoft security patches & system updates, allow for remote access for convenient troubleshooting, hardware & software reporting, easy access to support ticketing, as well as custom scripting to automate processes and restart failed services.


You’ve got data, it’s critical to your business. Things happen – files accidentally get deleted, despite your best efforts – you get a virus and data is lost. You need a way to get that data back – and you need it quickly and easily. We’ve got a variety of backup products that will fit your budget, your recovery needs, and even full disaster-recovery scenarios.


You’re going to need to replace old servers, buy new licensing, do a PC and laptop refresh, and upgrade your switches – it’s just part of the life cycle in keeping your business running smoothly. Or maybe you want to move services off your own infrastructure and into the cloud? That all takes planning, coordination, and technical staff who know how to do the work so these projects don’t have a negative impact on running your business day to day. That’s our thing, we take care of your IT projects so that you can just keep doing your thing.