Cloud Phone Systems For Business

Hungerford Technologies provides multiple options for calling & collaboration for your business. Our clients usually fall into two categories: 1.) They want a phone system that rings with voicemail and — 2.) They need integrated messaging with capabilities for video conferencing.

Team Collaboration & Video Conferencing  
  HT Hosted Calling Cisco Webex Calling
Top 3 Considerations For

Business Phones

You should not be considering an on-premise (on-prem) solution. There is a reason why people go cloud and it is because it it better. Here's what you need to consider:

  • 1.) Know what Features you need.
    • Do you just need dial-tone and voicemail?
    • Would your organization be ready to take advantage of modern collaboration tools that go beyond the basics like, virtual meetings, team messaging and video conferencing?
  • 2.) Understand the impacts of your decision.
    • The decisions you make about your phone system will impact everyone in the organization. Consider how these changes will be implemented and effect your organization.
  • 3.) How will day to day support and management of the system be handled.
    • Consider scalability.
    • The degree of difficulty to add, move or make changes.
    • The ease of access.
Polycom Phone Systems Grand Rapids
Cisco Phone Systems Grand Rapids
What Should You Do Before

Starting Your Research?

  • 1.) Go cloud.
    • Don't waste your time with on-premise solutions.
  • 2.) Test your internet connection
  • 3.) Check your current phone contract.
    • There may be a cost penalty for leaving early. You will also need to know what type of notice you will need to give when you terminate your contract.
  • 4.) Take advantage of modern collaboration tools that go beyond dial tone!
    • Phone systems have changed a lot over the years and now offer collaboration in the form of Virtual meetings, Team messaging and Video enabled conference rooms. If you think these sorts of tools could benefit your business, it might be time to look into calling and collaboration.

Which Phone System is Right For Me?

HT Hosted Calling

HT Hosted Calling is for today's office workers and call attendants who depend on crystal clear communications during audio conferencing.

Cisco Webex Calling

Cisco Webex Calling changes the communications experience, adding collaboration modes to VoIP: HD voice, video, conferencing, and wireless.


West Michigan Cloud Phone Systems

If you're debating between phone systems with basic calling and voicemail or more advanced capabilities including video conferencing, then we have the services for you! Hungerford Technologies provides cloud phone systems such as HT Hosted Calling and Cisco Webex Calling for small and medium sized businesses all over West Michigan. Contact our managed service provider at (616) 949-4020 to start improving your business's communications systems.