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10 Keyboard Shortcuts That Work in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox Browsers

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox are three of the most popular desktop web browsers in use today. They offer many keyboard shortcuts that let you work more efficiently when using them. Fortunately, you can use many of the same shortcuts in all three browsers, which makes the shortcuts easier to remember. Here are […]

Adobe Released a Mega Update That Patches More Than 100 Security Vulnerabilities

In July 2018, Adobe released a major update that patches 112 vulnerabilities in five popular Adobe apps. These programs run on a variety of platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS. The vast majority of vulnerabilities (104) were found in Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader for Windows and macOS. If exploited, the vulnerabilities could lead to sensitive […]

How to Paste Text Like a Pro in Microsoft Word

One of the most common tasks in Microsoft Word is copying and pasting text in documents. While most users know how to paste text in documents, not many know how to change Word’s paste behavior. This allows the pasted text appears the way they want it to look. As a result, they end up having […]

The 4 Riskiest US Airports in Which to Use Free Wi-Fi

Most airports provide free Wi-Fi for visitors. This is convenient for business travelers who work on their laptops while waiting for their flights. Taking advantage of this convenience can be risky. The risk level, though, is not the same across all airports, according to a Coronet study. The security researchers came to this conclusion after they […]

Honeypots Reveal How Hackers Might Attack Your Business’s Cloud-Based Systems

When cloud services first entered the business scene, they were met with trepidation. One of the biggest concerns was security. Many business leaders believed that cloud-based solutions were not as secure their on-premises counterparts. Nowadays, businesses have fully embraced the cloud. A 2018 report indicated that 96% of companies use at least one cloud service. Unfortunately, it […]

Faceless Cybercriminals Aren’t the Only People Who Might Steal Your Business Data

In June 2018, a disgruntled Tesla employee hacked one of the company’s systems and sent highly sensitive data to unknown third parties, according to an email sent by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The employee was upset because he did not receive a promotion. This is not an isolated case. Having someone on the inside perpetrate a data […]

4 Annoyances You No Longer Have to Endure in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft introduced its Edge web browser in 2015 when it rolled out Windows 10. Since then, the company has been steadily improving the browser. In the April 2018 Windows 10 Update, Microsoft included a new version of Edge. This browser has many new features, four of which eliminate some minor annoyances that users often encountered […]

Minimize Disruptions with Windows 10’s Focus Assist

If you have Windows 10, you have probably seen the box that pops up periodically letting you know that an email, text, or another type of message has arrived. These notifications can be disruptive. Even if you do not stop working to read the email or text that came in, the notification can cause you […]

Google’s Chrome 68 Will Flag All HTTP Sites as “Not Secure”

If you use Google Chrome, there’s an upcoming change that might be alarming you if you’re unprepared for it. Beginning with version 68, the browser will flag all HTTP pages as “Not secure” in the omnibox (i.e., the search/address bar at the top of the browser). Google is planning on releasing the Chrome 68 web […]

3 Ways to Make Your Android Phone Work Better for You

Google Android smartphones have been around since 2009, so they have numerous features and functions — so many that you might not be aware of some them. Here are three features you might want to try on your Android phone (5.0 and later) to make it work better for you: 1. Disable Unwanted Pre-installed Apps […]