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Meet Mike!

Mike is a Tier 3 Engineer with HT. You can usually find him onsite at our clients ensuring technical alignment to Hungerford standards, performing project work or assisting with user questions. He is also a part of our Cloud and Collaboration Team which assists in the design and implementation of our phone system and collaboration tools.


Leonard, Michigan

Favorite Book/Movie/Game

Book = I enjoy reading technical manuals

Movie= A river runs through it

Game= Pac Man, Galaga, and Mike Tyson Punch Out on Nintendo

A little About your Family

My wife’s name is Jennifer. I have 1 son (Alex) and 3 daughters (Lizzie, Sylvia and Ava).

What was your most unusual job before you started with HT?

I was a garbage man in Rochester Hills, MI during breaks from High School and College

Favorite Outdoor Activity?

Fly Fishing and Grilling Dinners.

Favorite Beverage:

Guinness Beer right from Guinness brewery in Dublin Ireland.

Favorite Food?

Mexican Food

Last thing you googled?

The last thing I Googled was Powershell Programming.

Fun Facts?

I still have an Atari 2600 at my house that runs Duck Hunt on a big screen TV.

Best IT Advice?

Google is your friend in any situation.

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