Why VoIP?

Cloud technologies have dramatically changed the phone industry. You used to only have a choice between a couple of major carriers, and they could really dictate every aspect of your phone system, meaning that you got your service their way.

No longer.

Hungerford Technologies is meeting the rising demand by offering affordable, scalable, cloud-based phone service.

What makes VoIP different? For starters, it runs off of your data network. No separate phone lines, no old-school analog jacks. Remember dial up? Yeah we do too. It’s old. It’s slow. In the modern world – your phones run on the same cables as your computers and servers. We’re an IT service company, we manage those networks. One company to manage and support your network, servers, workstations, and phones – all the technology your business needs.



Was it an awesome experience you’d recommended to your friends and business partners Usually not – you’re on hold for an hour, bounced between 7 different departments; all for a simple problem that took 5 minutes to fix once you FINALLY got through to someone who could actually help you.

Sound familiar?

This is why we got into the business. To do what we do best – deliver an exceptional customer experience, with high-quality, reliable service at a fair price. We’re a local West Michigan family-based company. We know that when you have a problem, you just want to speak to a person and get your problem resolved.



Hungerford Technologies focuses on technology support for small and medium businesses, and we’ve found that our prices are not only competitive, but tend to be lower than the big carriers. How? Open, honest, clear pricing. We don’t send you a 30 page bill full of fine print. We also don’t tie you into 3 or 5 years contracts.



We like Polycom phones, but our system will work with most VoIP phone brands. You can buy phones from us direct, build the cost into your monthly fee, or if you have VoIP phones already – keep using them.

Our system is cloud-based, so you don’t have any expensive gear to purchase and maintain for your office. Our system is mobile – we have a smart phone app, and our phones just need an internet connection. Take them home, take them on the road, plug them in and it’s like you’re in the office (for better or for worse!)

We can give you the basic service; we program the back end, get the phones configured, and you can plug them in yourself – or you can get the white glove treatment:

We’ve got a dedicated team of VoIP, network, and telecom experts who can handle every aspect of the configuration, installation, even contract review and cancellation assistance with your current provider.

Whatever fits your needs, your timeframe, and your budget.

Features? All phone systems these days have the same features. Ours offers the same great features as any other provider, with more mobility options than any on premise system.



If you want it simple – we can make it simple. Pre-packaged bundles that give you everything you need – a DID (telephone number), an extension, some minutes every month, and a warranty-protected phone for $30 per month.

That’s not for everyone. We’ve found our customers usually end up saving money if we customize a plan for you.

We’ll work with you to get you the exact number of phones, minutes, extensions, and other features you need for the exact price you want.



Well, as with all things technology – it depends. Here are some guidelines though, the good and the bad:

  • Our system scales incredibly well, and has a lot of mobility options – it works really well for companies with multiple offices, and for people who work from home or are always on the road
  • VoIP service means your phones go over your internet connection, so if you don’t have a fast enough connection, or have issues with reliability, VoIP may not be a good fit for you
  • The stability, configuration, and speed of your internal network is just about as important as your internet connection. If you’ve got old, slower cabling and switches, you may notice some issues with VoIP service
  • We really recommend PoE switches so you don’t have to have a power brick for every phone at every desk, but PoE switches tend to cost a little extra
  • Taxes! Everyone loves taxes right? Truth is – we, along with everyone else, have taxes we have to charge for providing phone service. Taxes for things like e911 service, which is kind of important. Some counties have higher taxes than others, but we can estimate that for you
  • Contracts – if you are in contract with one of the big carriers, you often have a buyout option of some type, but it’s rarely cheap. Our telecom experts can help you make sense of your bills, your contracts, and help you figure out what your cost to get out could be.


How to Switch:

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